Combining Business And
Technical Skills.

Tailored services for you.

We provide consultants uniquely equipped with a blend of financial experience and technical skills to be a high-skilled partner for your business-critical projects.

Financial Institutions and CCPs

Enhancing Banks and CCPs through expert consulting.

-> IRS
-> Swaptions
-> CDS Index
-> CDS Single Names
-> Equity Derivatives
-> Structured Notes
-> FX Options
-> NDF
-> Bonds
-> Collateral
-> Settlements
Our main roles include:
- Business analyst
- Technical analyst
- Risk analyst
- Test analyst
- Team lead
- Scrum master

Delivering full solutions:
- Requirements gathering
- Requirements clarifications
- Implementation
- Testing

Risk Management

Strategic insights for financial risk management solutions.

Some of our past projects:

Project 01

SPAN to VaR replacement for ETD

Research, test, validate and implement VaR based margin models.
Project 02

Standard Approach of Counterparty Credit Risk(SA-CCR)

Clearing Member capital requirement for CCP exposure, addressing Counterparty Risk.
Project 03

Exchange Wide Risk Monitoring

Clearing Fund calculations, What-if, Credit and liquidity stress tests as well as Regulatory and Monitoring back testing.

Technology Consulting

Leverage technology and innovation with our digital transformation insights.

-> DevOps
-> Cloud Adoption
-> AI integration
Front End / Back End Using:
-> Kubernetes
-> Docker
-> Vue
-> Spring
-> Terraform
-> Keycloak
-> AWS
-> Google Cloud

Blockchain & DLT Solutions

Discover the Future of Finance and Digital Assets

We help create tailor-made DLT solutions in harmony with new or existing technologies.

Scaling DLT solutions involves navigating complex challenges such as orchestrating transactions across a decentralized network, seamless integration with off-chain systems, and ensuring compliance with existing regulatory frameworks.

Our blockchain and DLT consultancy stands as a strategic partner, offering tailored solutions to tackle these hurdles. From designing efficient transaction orchestration strategies to ensuring seamless integration with existing systems, our expertise guides clients towards optimal solutions.

 With a keen focus on comprehensive monitoring and proactive problem-solving, our consultancy empowers clients to make informed decisions and navigate the complexities of full-scale DLT implementation with confidence.

Expertise across the industry

Our proficiency spans a spectrum of frameworks – both open source and enterprise-grade – ensuring your projects are supported by robust and customized DLT solutions.