Our Products

Our team and technical platform empower you to fast-track your knowledge and time-to-market when it comes to implementing new technologies, products, and services for the financial markets.

We provide solutions that not only enable your new business with high quality but also demand minimal effort from your end.

    AAP - Aurora Automation Platform

    Discover our user-friendly automation software, crafted to streamline testing effortlessly. Revolutionize your process with precision and ease transitioning to rapid and accurate testing, leaving manual efforts behind.

    Aurora CCP Platform

    Experience next-gen OTC Clearing and Collateral management in one platform.
    With our top-notch technology, we're all about making things easier. Explore streamline operations for efficient clearing and optimized collateral usage.

    QR Services

    Our research and development team offers the flexibility to outsource development to specialists when your in-house developers are too busy, ensuring timely delivery of your projects.